The Belfers Private Office is the U.K. quintessential property buyer’s agency set to redefine the way buyers are represented in the Real Estate process.

Applying a personalised strategy tailored to meet every single buyer’s requirement backed by a rigorous process and systems with clear data to make informed decisions.

We have designed the entire concept to make the buying process simple, informed, pleasant, and truly rewarding for discerning property buyers and astute investors.

Belfers Private Office specialise in acquiring exceptional homes and property investments in the most desirable locations.

Working as an independent company that advises private & corporate clients looking to buy or rent, we provide expert and impartial advice to secure the finest property on the best possible terms.

We are buyer’s advocates who know the U.K. market and whether you are looking for a guide to help secure the prime spot in London or down to Cornwall, you can rest assured that you are dealing with professionals who know this territory.

Ready to make representations for a diverse range of services, from sourcing off-market and on-the-market properties for residential or commercial purposes to Auction Bidding, Sales Advisory, Property Management, Buyer’s Agent, and Buyer’s Advocacy, we cover every aspect.

Belfers Private Office will act exclusively on your behalf and do not share fees with selling agents or take on conflicting searches from our own property sale portfolio. Through our negotiation and careful sourcing of properties, we aim to make our service a net break-even and often negotiate far in excess of our fee from the purchase price.

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Your information is completely confidential and not handled, nor shared, by or with any third parties.

Belfers Private Office Advantage


Through our contacts and partnerships, we gain privileged access to the best new instructions, often several days and sometimes weeks in advance before the property will be listed on the market. When sourcing quintessential properties even a few hours can make a difference.


Access the increasing number of discreet sales that never make it to the open market. For some of the prime properties, over 40% of all transactions are off-market. Belfers Private Office has built an exclusive “gold book” of industry contacts. We get access to exclusive properties that never reach the open market but are instead marketed to a select number of agents. We can source off-market properties where no competitive bidding is required.


Belfers Private Office will assist you to use your time as efficiently as possible. Successfully acquiring the finest prime properties takes time and requires dedicated resources. We will offer dedicated assistance from start to finish allowing you to use your time focusing on your family and business.


Belfers Private Office acts discreetly on your behalf while ensuring that your identity is not part of the negotiations nor reaches any headlines. With us, you can gain the advantage to view every property from every agent and all sources with just one point of contact while maintaining your complete anonymity from the seller or agent.

On your side at every step

Property IQ

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Practice Areas

From the initial conversation to discuss your requirements, all through to completion and handover of the property, we will be alongside you, all the way, every step.

The Private Office will offer assistance with:

  • Property sourcing off the market
  • Property sourcing on the market
  • Property sourcing at the auction
  • Property inspections
  • Property viewings
  • Property valuation
  • Property purchasing
  • Property legal services
  • Property Management
  • Buyer’s Agent
  • Buyer’s Advocacy
  • Sales Advisory

You are invited to get in touch with us in order to discuss your specific requirements.

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